All our quotes are free of charge when we are simply supplying listed products.

For example, you wish to buy :

  • A Futon 90x210cm
  • A Warlon sheet N°2 (930x1850x0.2m)
  • Or a Japanese bath. Réf: Yutori 900

We will establish a quote for these products free of charge.

We will, also, provide a quote free of charge if you have a precise idea of the measurements required for a product, for example a made to measure bath, a Tatami with specific measurements or a made to measure Futon.

However if a preliminary study by our staff is necessary to determine the measurements of a product (for example Shoji or Fusuma).
You will be charged 150€ which will be debited from your account.

However when our quote is finalized and signed we will consider this to be an initial payment thus deducted from the final invoice.