The wooden Japanese bath is called “FURO-OKE”
It has been one of the traditional Japanese arts for centuries.
For the Japanese this wood is the most noble and famous belonging to the cypress family. It has the most superb veins and gives off a pleasant slightly lemony smell.

Furo-oké in HINOKI is “a little expensive” however we are able to propose SAWARA wood which is similar. It is also a variety of the cypress family.

We have a range of SAWARA baths ready to be installed.

Standard dimensions :

Square Yutori
Length x width x height (in mm)

Ref. 900: 900x700x690
Ref. 1000: x700x630
Ref. 1100: 1000x700x630
Ref: 1200: 1200x750x600
Ref: 1300: 1300x750x600
Ref: 1400: 1400x750x550
Ref: 1500: 1500x750x550
Ref: 1800: 1800x1000x550

Curved Yutori
Ref. 900x630x740

We can also supply baths made to measure to suit your own project.
All the baths are checked before departure from the factory.
Respect of the life of the wood so that you may keep yours for a long time.

The bath is packed in a wooden case.
La crépit (without filter) and the lid are included.

The bathroom accessories are made out of wood.
Stool 270x180x180
Bucket 230x230x120
Bucket with handle 150x150x150