This word is increasingly popular in France, thanks to the sale, by tradesmen of foldable mattresses well suited to European life-style.

Futon is a Japanese word which means a mattress to sleep on.
Despite the general trend in Europe we offer the purely traditional Futon.
Since the traditional Japanese Futon possesses two remarkable features and is hence very beneficial for our day to day life.

  • Lighteners: even children can carry one with no difficulty.
  • Foldable: it is easy to fold away.

Consequently it can easily be tidied away.
Composition of the Futon and covering material: 100 % cotton.
A range of 24 colours.
Sizes (Futon = F, Fitted Sheet = FS)
100×210 (F)
105×215 (FS)
120×210 (F)
125×215 (FS)
140×210 (F)
145×215 (FS)
160×210 (F)

Possibility of made to measure.

Pillow of excellent quality (composition: Soya bean bark).

It pleasant to lay one’s head on this material which absorbs neither heat nor perspiration.