warlon par kitoki

Warlon is a Japanese make specialized in translucent products.
Warlon manufactures its translucent products from Japanese paper. (Maximum thickness of plate = 3mm).

In the Warlon range we have 3 kinds of products :

  • Warlon sheet
  • Warlon plate
  • Acri Warlon

1. Warlon sheet : 0, 2 mm
Between two transparent sheets of PVC Japanese paper is enclosed.

Réf. N°2/ Paper with wood fibres
Réf. N°52/ Plain paper without wood fibres
1850×930 mm

Alternatively with other patterns or tints
1850×930 mm and 930×606 mm

2. WARLON PLATE : 1.5 mm
Between two transparent PVC plates Japanese paper is enclosed.
Translucent and virtually unbreakable.

Réf. N°2, Réf. N°52 and others
1850x930x1.5 mm
Also exists with a thickness of 1 mm, 2 mm and 3mm.

Same as Warlon plate (however the plate is acrylic)
Thickness from 1 mm: the surface is recovered with a printed film (imitation wood or marble)
1820x910x1 mm, 1820x910x1.5 mm, 1820x910x2 mm

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