Shogi Gami or TAF TOP means translucent white Japanese paper for Japanese traditional sliding doors.
The Japanese used to change damaged or discoloured paper, due to sunlight at the end of each year in order to start the new one freshly.

The yearly changing of the paper is less and less frequent since the adoption of more Western life style with fewer Shogis in this more modern way of living.

Our TAF TOP is a slightly more reinforced paper compared to the traditional one. (Cf. see photo).
TAT TOP is sold in rolls (width 955mm x 15m / width 955 mm x 30m)

TAF TOP N°2 wood grain pattern. The natural grain proves to be most attractive.
TAF TOP N°52: plain whitejust like a snow covered meadow.

Sent by the French post. Before ordering please do not hesitate to ask us for a quote. We will specify the price of the roll including packaging and forwarding costs

To stick it on a panel you may use wallpaper adhesive sold by many tradesmen.
We advise you to cut the paper to size and to use a small brush to apply the adhesive to the wood correctly.


Fusuma- Gami is translated into English by opaque Japanese paper specially designed for the Fusuma door.

Thanks to the characteristics of this paper, Fusuma doors are often used to create intimate spaces or to shield from the sight of others. (Rooms, cupboards…).

We have many vareties of Fusuma-Gami (industrial and artisanal) :

Plain papers and patterned wall coverings (landscapes, abstract design)
String thread plain papers as well as string thread patterned wall coverings (landscapes and abstract designs)
A small number of our papers are presented as examples.
If you wish to visit us in our showroom in Paris (appointment necessary) we can show you all our catalogues.